Z-Dog aka. Zebitch aka. Zbone is what we call a "railkiller" - doesn't matter if you watch his edits or the latest Q-Park flick, the rails are burnin'! As an upcoming architect he has a soft spot for creative park obstacles - especially when they are built at Snowpark Steinplatte Waidring.

Zetti is living the good life together with his roommate Jonas in Innsbrooklyn. Even if his girlfriend tells him to study harder! And this sounds pretty much like: "Skimaus, you had 8 days of skiing in the last 2 weeks, now it's time to study baby!"
Zebitch! - Finally finish your study, get up on the mountain and represent Deliver Clothing! NOW!!!

what’s your name?
Florian “Zetti / Zebei” Zebisch   

any stupid nicknames?
Z-Dog, Zebitch, Zbone, Skimaus :)

date of landing on this beautiful planet?
I can’t remember- I was just a few moments old at this date ;) but I think it was the 20.09.1989

where you’re from?
Sometimes I’m not sure if I'm from this planet…perhaps I’m from “Melmac”!? But at the moment I’m beaming myself between Innsbruck and my hometown Chieming.

your favourite ride on the almighty white?
My two Pommes and the chairlift ;)

and where do your fans meet you in the mountains?
Everywhere you can find food (and beer /energydrinks) or places where you can sit down and take a break ...

what sound is in your ears while riding?
Gangster-proll-hip hop-rap-trap sound with a lot of bass to shake your brain

your personal deliver combo?!
Quite simple - ALL-G-BLACK -
Tallhood Fighter black, black Change-Up Beanie and black neckwarmer… but if I want to be one of those cool kids like Bene or Jones, I’m wearing the camouflage-neckwear!

favourite ultra mega sick signature move?
“Unnatural rail-slide to Dub-off”…..

and if this doesn’t work, I'll copy Tine's “double kink no foot”

who supports you on your way to the top?
DLVR Clthng, Rossignol, Bliss Protection, Cypress Warehouse

tell us something we don’t know about a fellow teammember…
As we already heard, there a many stupid nicknames for our teammembers, but my favourit one is definitely “blubbiiiii” (= Mark) :P
And I would like to say something stupid about Lil D, but at the moment nothing comes to my mind – besides that nobody likes him! And if you meet him, just let him know: “Jungeeee, kannst niiiiix!”

any “last words”? shoutouts?

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