Little "Team-Sunshine" Julia always has a smile in her face...as you can see in her edits! She has more vocalparts in foreign edits than everyone else of the team... mostly you can hear her yellin' "YEAHHHH", "NICE" or "WOOOOW" when somebody sticks a trick while she's filming.

Her famous "Tornado Flip" is well known at the local park... as her sponsor you can be sure she represents you perfect .... by showing the base of her boards and whilst steezin her tricks to the maximum :)
As a trained and registered nurse, she's the perfect girlfriend for Mark and the most important person at the DLVR-Girlscrew.... mhhh ok that's it...... ahhm no wait, one more fact: JULA COOKS BETTER THAN YOUR MOM!!!

what’s your name?
Julia Böhm

any stupid nicknames?

As a child my mom called me “Bobbele”….. don’t know why...

date of landing on this beautiful planet?
Summer of 89

where you’re from?
Laufen…. about 300 metres to the border of beautiful Austria…

your favourite ride on the almighty white?

My Arbor Cadence snowboard…. and sometimes I slide on my butt^^

and where do your fans meet you in the mountains?

Park or PowPow, sometimes behind the camera to film my boyfriend…. he’s a PROOOOO!!!

what sound is in your ears while riding?

None… because if I put in my earphones and listen to the music, I’m getting sick and can’t keep balance anymore...

your personal deliver combo?!
Crewneck with the CAMELOPARD print

favourite ultra mega sick signature move?
tornado flip to penguin slide off

who supports you on your way to the top?
DLVR CLTHNG, Arbor Snowboards, Flux Bindings, Mum & Dad^^

tell us something we don’t know about a fellow teammember…
Bene threatens people until they download Instagram an follow him!
On special occasions Tine dabs powder on her cheeks for snowboarding…
Mark steals Bene’s candy!

any “last words”? shoutouts?!

be creative, have fun… GO SNOWBOARDING :)

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