What to tell you about Mark? Hmm… first you should know, he doesn't know the word "hangover"! He has tooooo much energy... after a long partynight he wakes up fucking early, shreds the whole day and in the end he is not even a bit tired. What else to tell?!....  He loves Nutella even more than his RedBull and if you would take them both away he wouldn't be able to get up in the morning.

He shreds nearly the whole year and in that one month of summer left he is into biking und soccer. After hard jibsessions he loves to eat his famous "Sausage Burger". But in fact his pants get tighter from year to year (he wears ladiespants in size L...) he should think about quitting this tradition. If he would be able to design a pro model pant it would probably look like a boot cut leggings. :-)
We are proud to support him on his way to find the tightest pant out there. Have fun boooy!!!

what’s your name?
Mark Deubzer

any stupid nicknames?
“Markiboy”…. and for whatever reason, people call me “Blubbi”

date of landing on this beautiful planet?
I’m a 90’s kid….

where you’re from?
a small town in the middle of the beautiful Bavarian Alps – I love where I live!

your favourite ride on the almighty white?
chairlifts! and sometimes broken snowboards…

and where do your fans meet you in the mountains?
you see that huge crowd of people behind that rail? congratulations, you found me… I’m the good looking guy in the middle! :-P

what sound is in your ears while riding?

none while riding…. the rest of the time I listen to a kind of old rockmusic from the 60’s to the 80’s….. but you better ask Bene, he could write a book about my special taste of music :)

your personal deliver combo?!

any dark batik colors and of course the crewneck with that vintage black jeans patch…

favourite ultra mega sick signature move?
carving without edges to frontflip into park…. !!!

who supports you on your way to the top?

Arbor Snowboards, Flux Bindings, Pipe Shop, Spy Optics, Templeton Outerwear, Buff Headwear and of course, the best of all – DLVR CLTHNG

tell us something we don’t know about a fellow teammember…
Bene is not that “Badass” he seems to be! Believe or not, Zetti is called “Skimaus”! Steffi thinks with her stomach, more than with her brain! Angi is smaller than you think! It’s pretty dangerous to talk to Julia, when she’s pissed off because of not landing a trick! Tine is older than she looks :-P

any “last words”? shoutouts?!
Remember, I always have the last word!!!
Shoutouts to that gang of crazy people who call themselves DLVR-Team!!!

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