Wikipedia tells us: "Geronimo was a prominent leader of the Bedonkohe Apache who fought against Mexico and Texas for their expansion into Apache tribal lands for several decades during the Apache Wars..."
For us it's pretty interesting what was in his dad's mind and why he chose this name.... if he wanted him to become a leader (like the old apache) he was damn right... Jones is the most drunken man on every party :-) especially when he and his roommate Flo paint the town red.

So if you're on the mountains and hear someone call "Geronimooooo".... dont't be afraid, nobody will shoot you with a bow.... it's just one of our riders calling for his videographer

what’s your name?
Jonas Geronimo (Damn yes! Seen in passport) Schnuerch

any stupid nicknames?

Actually not. Jones

date of landing on this beautiful planet?

where you’re from?
Grew up near Traunstein. Now located in Innsbruck & near Traunstein

your weapon of choice when it comes to hard filming sessions?

Warmest underwear available, tea and cookies

and where do your fans meet you, except the red carpet?

Maybe you can meet me at one of my public signing sessions

what sound is in your ears while editing a new masterpiece?

Electronic music, old school/classic hip hop, indie. Almost everything

your personal deliver combo?!
Batik Hoodie + camouflage bandana + fishing hat. Keep it classy, you know

favorite ultra mega sick signature move?
Put up my tripod within 10seconds

who do you work for?
Mainly Qparks, some brands, some music festivals etc.

tell us something we don’t know about a fellow teammember…
I could tell you a few stupid nicknames of many teamriders (Drogenjunge, Blubbi, Mausezahn). Bene is not able to do a casperflip (skateboard). You now what “L” stands for? I also think I could write a book about Zebisch Florian, who is my WG-Mate for three years now!

any “last words”? shoutouts?!
Mehr Powder, weniger Preißen