You know "Chicks with Caps"? This hype is based on Steffi's life... Not even her boyfriend knows if Steffi has some hair on the back of her head - cause she wears her caps all the time :-) This chocoaddicted "Vienna Girl" is located in Austria's parkscene and keeps the freeski-boys in check.

To ensure a fast recovery from her kneesurgery this spring she's on a strict soja-pudding diet. Steffi maybe you should stop skatin instead of eating ;-). So Steffi, keep us (and your almost 2000 insta followers) up to date about the famous "Palatschinkenpartys" and have fun with the DLVR-Girls Crew.

what’s your name?
Steffi Haas

any stupid nicknames?
When I was a child my family called me “Susi” haha

date of landing on this beautiful planet?
The aliens from planet mars decided to give me to mother earth on 17th of February 1993

where you’re from?
I was born and grown up in lower Austria but now I’m living in Salzburg

your favourite ride on the almighty white? 
When I’m skiing my legs spread apart and that’s why I’m snowboarding now…… just joking haha I love my "Pommes"!

and where do your fans meet you in the mountains?
All around Austria

what sound is in your ears while riding?
Nothing haha because I want to talk to my homiiiiies while shredding :D

your personal deliver combo?!
The tallhood urban shred navy and the jibster change-up beanie

favourite ultra mega sick signature move?
definitlely frontside 270 out

who supports you on your way to the top?
DLVR Clothing, lumipöllö headwear and ICAN gloves

tell us something we don’t know about a fellow teammember...
Angi loves chocolate as much as snowboarding and she doesn’t want to share her chocolate with ANYBODY else... haha

any “last words”? shoutouts?!
I wanna say thank you to my daddy who bought me my first freeskis hahaha