Mhhhh - Tine Tiniwini....where to start?! What to tell about our Deliver-Mom? Tine is a very good girl, with a husband, a dog and her own graphic agency. But she can be different! It is not for nothing that we call her "crazy chicken" and as one of the first to support the local GaperDay, she is always at the front line when it comes to dig out her old 80's style clothing and totally freak out.

Back in 2009 Tine had one of the best ideas ever...to launch a company called DELIVER CLOTHING! We all wanna thank you for that and hope you will be our Deliver-Mommy for some more years!!!

what’s your name?

any stupid nicknames?
heidy, CHICKEN

date of landing on this beautiful planet?
25th december

where you’re from?

your favourite ride on the almighty white?
pow & park

and where do your fans meet you in the mountains?
on the top or under a tree in the deep pow haha…, park

what sound is in your ears while riding?
if batteries are full - rock, hip hop, electronic sounds and sometimes i`m singing funny stuff myself

your personal deliver combo?!
as i went to the deliver production to portugal in 2011 - batik styles were one of my crapy ideas. In the DLVR CLTHNG Art Series line i like Jersey Tiger and the wild feather from my friend&artist Nesch! Thx Boy!

favourite ultra mega sick signature move?

double kink no foot.... (yes - that's me on that picture!)

who supports you on your way to the top?
Deliver Clothing, Nitro Snowboards, Spy Optics

tell us something we don’t know about a fellow team member...
as i go riding, travelling and dancing with everyone i can write a big book about the DLVR CLTHNG team. well let`s talk about girls… best „palatschinkenpartys“ are at angi`s house. i call angi „kamikaze" because she`s jumping on rails with so much speed as crazy and i`m always scared, also driving car with her haha! she has a dog too and we are often in the mountains hiking with our sweeties #roxylano // cathy has beautiful extra long hair and need ton`s of SYOSS conditioner to repress her extremley wild hair during bowl skating // julia is the best dancer at #benepark and can do great pasta at 5 o`clock in the morning at hintertux opening // steffi is our chick with cap, likes also „palatschinkenpartys“, and has a lot of instagram lovers hihi.

any “last words”? shootouts?!
DON`T THINK ABOUT - GO RIDING, have a great night - peace

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