Deliver Clothing _made for you by your locals

Deliver started as a brand project and has been developing to an inspiring brand for the snow / skate / bmx scene.

What makes us different?

Deliver is not another brand in the huge universe of action sports brands that is characterized by similar stuff on cuts, colors and style … We are a family of friends, designers, snowboarders, freeskiers, skateboarders, bmx and dirt bike riders and open minds who come together to have fun and work on their own things. Deliver is our personal playground, an opportunity to live and realize our creative and crazy ideas. Yes, we are still in the early stages of launching this brand but we are making our homework, staying up late and talking to as many people as we can to inspire them by Deliver. All in all, we are a team that enjoys what it is doing!


Our philosophy?

Deliver has its very own style because we do not give a damn shit about what anyone thinks about us or our style. We are proud to have this attitude and the ability to let everything go, play around and have fun. We are passionate about what we do and put a lot of love and attention to our work. This is our secret ingredient that makes our products different and successful at the same time. And hopefully we will continue to be the kind of brand that will surprise you from collection to collection anew.
We believe in our strengths: high quality products with unique design, a high level of customer intimacy and a very motivated team. We are also a financially independent and strong company which means: We are so relieved that we have no loans as we save all our profits and reinvest them back into the company and our products; banks will not get us!


Our mission?

Deliver’s mission is to encourage each rider’s individuality and to bring a unique piece into your everyday life that pleases your eyes and makes you feel good when wearing it.


Our target group?

Deliver has a very clear defined target group: snowboarders, freeskiers, skateboarders, bmx and dirt bike riders that do not accept a compromise between style and function. Our target groups are self-confident riders that want to wear something special with an extra portion individuality, style and function.


Our products?

Deliver offers products for snowboarders, freeskiers as well as for skateboarders, bmx and dirt bike riders. Yes, these target groups have different requirements and different styles … but that is no problem for us because most of our ideas come to our mind during our daily riding session with our Deliver family. And due to our close connection to our riders we get their honest feedback which enables us to constantly improve our features and products.
Additionally, we are proud to say that we are part of our target group too and definitively our most critical test person with highest standards and requirements.

Therefore our collection perfectly satisfies all of our customers’s needs: a high quality street & sportswear collection that is characterized by style, function and an extra touch of individuality through different fabrics.


Our features?

All our products are:
- proved by our riders

- high quality material products

- made in Europe (designed in Bavaria / Germany, produced in Portugal)

- a perfect combination of individual / appealing design and functionality (embroidered logo on every product, special vertical stitching, burnout patterns)

- well thought out details that makes a rider’s life easier and makes him happy (hanger for head phones inside the shirts / hoodies, extra ventilation mesh, additional micro zips)
- extra tall sizes for our snowboarder and free skiers


Our Deliver family?

We are aware that pro-riders can dramatically boost a brand. However, we are proud to say that we support successful riders that stand out through their riding skills but at the same time show their passion in the sport and have fun in everything they do. Our riders are adorable, individual personalities that live the values Deliver stands for. We have a very close relationship to all our riders and brand members and therefore, we call this special community “Deliver family”.
This family thinking is also part of our success: through our huge network we try to emphasize the maximum amount of potential customers. That helps us to keep our marketing budget low, invest in the right things, focus and support our riders and be approachable to our Deliver family.

Thanks to the family, all riders, friends and open minds! 

Special thanks to Simone for being awesome! Freakmodel dänce dänce!